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Born in 2022 after a chance encounter on another beach job, BEHAVIOUR is the Sofia-based swimwear brand of university trained fashion designer Yordan Ginkov and business developer Lyubomira Georgieva.

Inspired by the freedom of surf culture, the serenity of Californian beaches, the cool of San Francisco, the stillness of Biarritz and the 80’s glamour of Americana, BEHAVIOUR strives for a certain nonchalant sophistication, perceived as not just a static beauty, but as a pedestal to the mannerisms, that define us.

You see, BEHAVIOUR is not just your average cool swimwear for the scorching heat or the sunset breeze, but a modern and elegant swimwear. It’s the sexiness of a certain American design maverick and the sophisticated storied spirit of our favourite French master of form versus pure and attractive sheerness.

Focusing on timeless designs, BEHAVIOUR products are manufactured in Bulgaria with high-quality Italian fabrics and attention to the smallest details. It’s sexy and sophisticated, confident, daring, seductive and a little, just a tiny bit provocative. It’s the perfect companion for confident women, who like to get lost in the moment and engage with the world around them.

We are the attitude you want to convey. Bad or good, it’s up to you. Our swimwear is for the ones with manners, character and demeanor. It’s not just about the fabric and the flattering cut. It’s in the way you move.

BEHAVIOUR is beach-ready, bar-ready, pool-ready, caban-at-the-croisette-ready swimwear from sunrise to sunset and then some. BEHAVIOUR is for these gorgeous women who are ready to make a statement.

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